Chinese Silver Panda Coins

The Chinese Silver Panda Coin is a silver bullion coin, which comes from the People's Republic of China. Silver Panda Coins made their first appearance in 1983 with the first issue. Designs for this silver bullion coin change every year. The Silver Panda Coin also comes in various denominations and sizes, which range from 0.25 Troy ounces to 1 kg.

Chinese Silver Panda Coin Design:

The obverse side of the Silver Panda is an image of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest in the Temple of Heaven. The Temple of Heaven, which also translates to Altar of Heaven is a grouping of Taoist buildings located in the southeastern area of central Beijing, China. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, this complex was visited by Emperors of the time. Annual ceremonies were held, and prayers were given to heaven for an abundant harvest. At the top of the obverse side are the Chinese characters "中華人民共和國", which translate to the "People's Republic of China". At the bottom of the obverse side is the year the Chinese Silver Panda was issued. If that coins issue is a commemorative one, the same will also be indicated here.

Except for the years 2001 and 2002 (which share the same image), there are different depictions of the panda on each silver bullion coin for each year.

Silver Panda Varieties:

Silver Panda Coins also come in a number of different varieties which include:

  • Proof
  • Uncirculated
  • Gold Plated and Gilded - either one side or both
  • Colored - only the obverse side is known
  • Privy marked for different distribution; example - 2000 D for Domestic Market
  • Privy marked for commemorative issue coins, which also may be gold plated

Silver Panda Coin Denominations & Face Values:

Silver Panda Coins are also minted in various weights ranging from the impressive 1 kilogram coin to the 1/4 Troy ounce (included in the 25th Anniversary set of 1997) Silver Panda Coin.

  • 1 Kilogram Chinese Silver Panda Coin - 300 Yuan
  • 12 Troy ounces Chinese Silver Panda Coin - 100 Yuan
  • 5 Troy ounces Chinese Silver Panda Coin - 50 Yuan
  • 1 Troy ounce Chinese Silver Panda Coin - 10 Yuan
  • 1/2 Troy ounces Chinese Silver Panda Coin - 5 Yuan
  • 1/4 Troy ounces Chinese Silver Panda Coin - 3 Yuan

Whether you just enjoy the beauty of the Chinese Silver Panda Coin, or you're an investor that's fighting the inflation battle by purchasing silver bullion coins, you'll want to consider buying the Silver Panda coin for your collection or investment.

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